Nimki fulki 2 full movie

The story, set in a small village in Bihar, deals with the life of Nimki, a carefree, materialistic girl who accidentally becomes the Mukhiya chief of the village. Nimki is mad about cinema, a dreamer and unaware of the darkness of the world. Nimki loves Babbu and she believes that Babbu loves her, too.

After becoming chief of the village, Nimki is married to Babbu Singh, son of Tetar Singh, former chief of the village. Tetar's intention to make Nimki his daughter-in-law is to fulfill his political ambitions but no one in Babbu's family accepts Nimki.

They housed her in a maid's room and treated her like one. But Nimki believed that Tetar's family will love her one day. After many incidents Sweety, Babbu's sister befriends her. But Abhimanyu loved Nimki secretly and he could not express his love and agrees to marry Sweety, who has just divorced her cheating husband, Rituraj. Tetar did not favour this and planned against Nimki.

Babbu shoots Sweety to stop her marriage with Abhimanyu.

nimki fulki 2 full movie

Sweety realises Abhimanyu's feelings for Nimki and hence decides to leave him and remarries Rituraj, when Rituraj learns why Sweety marries him, he blackmails and rapes Sweety. Tunney is aware that Rituraj rapes Sweety daily, but keeps mum to reunite Ahimanyu and Nimki. Nimki realises that she never loves Babbu, it was just attraction rather she started loving Abhimanyu. She organises a fashion show in the village to raise funds for development, but Tetar and Babbu are opposed. Before the beginning of the fashion show Tetar Singh tries to stop it and the villagers insult him.

To avenge his father's insult, during the fashion show Babbu rapes Nimki. Unlike other victims of rape, Nimki overcomes her sorrow and again lives her normal life.

She doesn't change her attitude or her swag. Nimki takes Babbu to court on rape charges, but Babbu kidnaps Elina to blackmail Tunney into giving fake proof against Nimki in court. She still tries to get him punished, but he is declared innocent. She then learns of her pregnancy. Babbu saves his sister Sweety from being raped by Rituraj, then realises his mistake and asks Nimki's forgiveness.

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He reforms and pleads with her to give their marriage a second chance. Seeing his changed behaviour, she forgives him and moves back into the mansion with him upsetting her family members. Nimki decides to support Babbu to teach him lesson for his wrongdoing but she doesn't want to involve her family members in this fight therefore she maintains a distance from them, further disappointing them.

Mahua is angry on her and doesn't allow her to meet sick Monu. She asks Nimki to choose between her and Babbu and Nimki chooses Babbu as he is the father of her unborn child. To harm Babbu, Mahua throws a brick at Babbu but Nimki comes in between and the brick hits her abdomen. After realising Nimki's support for him, Babbu decides to support her and chooses her over his family as she, too, chose him over her own family. To free Sweety from Rituraaj, Nimki suggests to Babbu to contest the election.

Tetar Singh becomes angry that his own son challenges him in the election. Both parties gain the voters' trust. Nimki slaps Anaro when she insults Monu.

Nimki tries every way to break every pillar of Haveli. Nimki Babbu shares some lovey-dovey moments while talking to their unborn. Tunney has little understanding towards Nimki's plan and he along with Abhimanyu secretly support Nimki. Tater Singh holds a rally in the village, where he bridges himself with praise. He tells Nimki's sister Mahuaa to speak out against Nimki and Babbu. Rituraj rebuked Sweety for her condition after Tetar Singh wins the election.It is the first installment in the film series and also a spin-off from the film series.

The film was declared an average grosser at box office. The film starts in England in with a crowd of audience waiting for a performance to begin. The host apologizes for the delay and goes backstage and furiously tells a lady called Nafisa to call Ayush Karan Kundrawho has locked himself in a room.

They break the door down to see Ayush has slit his wrist. Then the film goes in flashback when he was in Bombay. A wealthy man Mr. Wadia Vikram Bhatt discovers Ayush's incredible talents and asks him to take care of his mansion Wadia Manor in York in return of which he would pay for Ayush's educational expenses. Ayush is overjoyed to hear this and heads towards his journey to the mansion.

Ayush is warmly received by the both the housekeeper and the caretaker of the house. Ayush is even more delighted to enter the York College of Music.

Three months later Ayush is doing some paperwork when he is hit with an onslaught of paranormal activities.

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Closed doors open by themselves, lights start flickering. Ayush sees a white light beckoning him to come closer but he is always stopped by a women's scream. He encounters a message written with dried blood in a room. He enlist help of Rose Zareen Khan a fellow student at the college who has a second sight. As both investigate they realize the secrets that they both have kept individually about events of the preceding three months have more consequences and they both might have a deeper connection with the current hauntings than they can imagine.

Ayush informs her that he can hear voices of a machine, And he can see a white light calling to him but as soon as he goes near he hears a scream of a woman which prevents him from touching the light. He narrates what happened three months ago when he arrived at the mansion.

He allowed the villagers to enter the mansion and listen his music for some money. One day his actions were discovered by Meher Wadia Mr Wadia's niece and she blackmailed him into giving her a performance or she'll get him fired. That night during the performance she gave Ayush a poison and tried to dump him in the city so he could die a slow death. But Ayush hit her making her unconscious.

While coming back to the mansion, on the way he sees a supernatural being and loses his control over the car resulting in a car accident where Meher dies.

To his surprise nobody confronted him on Meher's death. Sometime later these paranormal events began. Rose conducts an investigation according to Ayush's story. She comes to know Meher Wadia never visited York. During their investigation Ayush and Rose fall in love. Some time later Rose reaches a hospital in which she discovers the Meher Wadia that visited Ayush was their classmate Tina who is dead from 3 months.

When she sees her date of death she is horrified. She confesses to Ayush that all the bad things are happening to Ayush due to her.Manali Dey sometimes Manali De is an Indian film and television actress. She made her acting debut in the Bengali film Kali Aamar Maa in Later she made her television debut in the television serial Neer Bhanga Jhor.

Manali spent her childhood in Picnic GardenKolkata. However, later she moved from there. She is the only child of her parents Nitai Dey and Manisha Dey. In the meantime, she had already started her acting career and became extremely busy.

This made her unable to continue her study in the regular mode and so, she was admitted to Amrit Academy, Kankurgachiwhich is a private open-board school. From here, she completed her higher secondary examination. She got her dancing lessons from her mother and Madhumita Roy. At this time, she was having a very tough schedule managing her education as well as career.

Later, on 29 NovemberManali married singer Saptak Bhattacharjee. The couple have divorced. Manali made her acting debut in the Bengali film Kali Aamar Maa in where she played the role of a child. After this, she became very interested in acting and made it her aim of life. She made her first breakthrough as a model for the Bengali magazine Unish-Kuriwhile carrying on her school life.

After making some few photos for the magazine, Manali got a call from Ravi Ojha's production house for working in Bengali television.

nimki fulki 2 full movie

Since then, she had been cast in a number of Bengali films and television serials. Manali has acted in several Bengali films since Manali has also acted in a number of Bengali television serials. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indian film and television actress. Picnic GardenKolkata.

nimki fulki 2 full movie

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See the gallery. The only girl of day laborer Kafil Mia, Jasmine, committed suicide by hanging herself on the darkness of the night, because her lover Kabir betrayed her. Since self-murder is not accepted in Islam, there is no place for the funeral and grave of Jasmine's dead body in the Islam inhabited Shwapnopuri village.

A mosque imam and an influential rich man of the village with the help of Badrul Talukder did not let the funeral and grave take place in the village.

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Kafil Mia digs his daughter's grave in the Khas land government owned land on the bank of the river and performs her funeral. No one from the village took part in the funeral but, a small ten year old boy Sujan did. Kafil Mia could not accept his daughters death, but he begins to search for hope and strength in the midst of this tragedy.

Salman Shah, the late actor, was and still is a fashion icon in Bangladesh. However, this movie 'Poramon 2' shows this aspects in the first part of the movie through the protagonist who took the last name of the late actor as Sujan 'Shah'. The craze and popularity of Salman Shah is presented as the villagers are shown to stop their works while Sujan performs Salman Shah in every weekend.

All the villagers loved the show of Sujan as well as Pori, who loves Sujan from her childhood. But Sujan does not like her, eventually hates her because of an incident from childhood. Meanwhile, Sujan learns the truth of that past and fell in love with her. Sujan starts working hard to settle a life with Pori but her father and brother impede at this that changes the environment of the show. The movie is inspired or key plot has been taken from Tamil-language movie 'paruthiveeran'.

But the newcomer Raihan Rafi made this in his way and in Bangladeshi context. He showed his mastery in making. But several unnecessary scene should be deleted, such as the peeing scene of Bapparaz; as this scene importunate the tragedy of suicide of Jasmine. The length of the first show from 'Keyamat Thekey Keyamat' can be reduced.

Siam Ahmed as Sujan Shah was amazing, though this was his debut movie. As a fan of Salman Shah, he started his film career as a tragic hero. Puja Cherry was also praiseworthy. Her acting, dance and dialogue delivery tells how competent she is. From other supporting characters, Saeed Babu and Fazlur Rahman Babu played their role well, but Bapparaz was disappointing. Cinematography of Saiful Shaheen shows several drone shot, extreme wide view that was eye-soothing.

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He took the scene of suicide of Jasmine, huffy separation scene of Sujan and Pori on the bridge, some beautiful picture of the village in a great way. Background music of Raj Narayan Babu and songs pleased the audience. Overall, this one may not be a great one, but still it shows some beauty of filmmaking and nice work from the cast. Raihan Rafi should keep it up for his later ventures. Sign In.Patna, Bihar.

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Siddharth Chandekar and Mitali Mayekar get married; take a look a the inside pics of the grand wedding. Siddharth Chandekar and Mitali Mayekar look radiant and happy twinning in yellow at their Haldi ceremony; a look at the inside pics.

nimki fulki 2 full movie

Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Disha requested the fans to understand her position and also stated that having her around him for a week will put pressure on Rahul and especially now when she is dragged in every conversation.

In an exclusive interview with ETimes TV, the actor shared that the makers of his previous show tried to badmouth him and stop his work, but God has been kind and people believe in his work. Actress and politician Sonali Phogat, who recently got evicted from Bigg Boss 14 was in the news for her liking towards co-contestant Aly Goni.

The actress expressed her feelings for Aly on national television and soon reports of her family being upset with her liking towards the latter started doing the rounds. Kasautii Zindagii Kay actress Erica Fernandes is living her life to the fullest. The actress shared some playful pics in the pool and she looks stunning. Now playing. Reminder Successfully Set! Select a City Close. Your current city: Mumbai Mumbai search close. All Bombay Times print stories are available on.

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We serve personalized stories based on the selected city OK. Go to TOI. The Times of India. Bigg Boss Housemates lose access to bedroom as Nikki Tamboli gets nominated. Indian Television Academy Awards. Indian Telly Awards. Gold Awards. Star Parivaar Awards.

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